Our Vision

1. People first

Happy people make good science
We believe that a healthy work environment in which people can thrive is a key to success. Good science can only be achieved by happy scientists.

2. Pursue your passion

Passion is what led us here
A great catalyzer of success, passion makes work feel like play. Find your passion and hold on to it.

3. Ideas, not impact factors

We read the papers
Impact factors are a measure of journal prestige. That's it. If you want to know about the quality of a paper, read it first and ask the experts in the field.

4. Failure is welcome

Fail your way to success
"If you’re not failing, you’re probably not trying as hard as you could be. And being petrified of failure means you’re going to be probably a very extreme underachiever"
George Church

5. Open science rocks!

Share and collaborate
We always share our results and reagents as soon as possible. That's the only way we know to move science forward.

6. New tools, new concepts

Technological breakthroughs unlock the next level
Scientists tend to waste time trying to solve problems whose solution requires a new technological development. Paradigm shifts usually occur as a result of a technological breakthrough.

7. Geniuses take risks

Balanced and well-planned risks
Most of the great scientific breakthroughs have resulted either from chance or from the risks taken by courageous scientists. Most times from the combination of both.

8. Work deserves credit

Your contribution will not go unnoticed
As obvious as it may sound, we prefer to make it clear. A person who has worked directly on a research project will always be recognized as an author.

9. Good decisions rather than working hours

Work smart, not just hard
A bad decision can waste months or years of your work. Who cares if you are working 16 hours at day? Think before you act. Quick exploratory experiments can help you to make good decisions.

10. Bureaucracy does not run experiments

And turns the possible into the impossible
Bureaucracy reflects distrust and destroys productivity. Sometimes the system can led you to a bureaucratic trap that prevents you from achieving your goals. You will never discover something great while filling out paperwork. Set aside time for real science even if that means neglecting other tasks.